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Porous Metal Filter Application in Lithium Battery

As a new type of secondary battery with high energy density, many cycles and long service life, lithium battery is currently widely used in mobile power, electric vehicles, home appliances, smart wearable devices, 3C products and other fields. With the continuous depletion of fossil energy, lithium battery has gradually become the main power source of […]

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Shinkai’s Another Set of Hot Gas Filters in Polysilicon Industry

In early March, our technical team rushed to Inner Mongolia for another new full-process filter installation guidance of a set of 100,000 tons/year polysilicon plant. Shinkai’s hot gas filters with metal membrane are with performance of high precision, good regeneration, long service-life. By operating those filters, plants could efficiently reduce the labors’ working intensity, obviously […]

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Gas-Solid Filtration System

Are you facing the gas-solid mixture? If you are worrying about refining the gas or recovering the precious solids mixing with the gas, you need a gas-solid filtration system. What is a Gas-Solid Filtration System? In simple words, gas-solid filtration is a process in which poisonous particles are eliminated from the gas or vapor. There […]

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Bioprocess Fermentation: An industry that is Changing Our Lives

Bioprocess fermentation, which seems to be a new word, is being used as a new material in many fields and comes into people’s vision. Bioprocess fermentation refers to the fermentation of carbohydrates by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) to produce various industrial solvents and chemical raw materials. The main products are ethanol, acetone-butanol, butanol-isopropanol, acetone-ethanol, 2, 3-butanediol […]

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Break The Bottleneck, Make a Breakthrough in the Hydrogenation of Maleic Anhydride to Succinic Acid Production

At present, petrochemical based biodegradable plastics with promising development prospects include PBAT (co-polyester of terephthalic acid, adipic acid and BDO), PBS(co-polyester of succinic acid and BDO), and PBST (co-polyester of succinic acid, terephthalic acid and BDO). It is estimated that the demand for total biodegradable plastics in China is about 20 million tons/year, and the […]

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The Classic Application of Dry Dedusting in The Polysilicon Industry

At present, the production methods of the polysilicon industry mainly include the silane method and the modified Siemens method. The modified Siemens method and the silane method mainly produce solar-grade/electronic-grade crystalline silicon. The silane method is to pass silane into a fluidized bed with polycrystalline silicon seeds as fluidized particles, so that silane is cracked […]

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Sintered Metal Filter Technology in Nuclear Industry

Nuclear reactors in power plants use a large amount of fission nuclear fuel uranium. There are mainly three isotopes in the nature: U-238, U-235 and U-234, of which fissionable U-235 is currently the main nuclear fuel used now. However, the characteristics of natural uranium ore are low grade, scattered ore body and small scale in […]

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Catalytic Hydrogenation Filtration Technology in Fine Chemicals

Catalytic hydrogenation technology is the core technology in medicine, fine chemical industry, and other organic synthesis. In the application of catalytic hydrogenation technology, noble metal catalysts with relatively high catalyst activity are mainly used, such as Palladium-carbon catalysts, Raney nickel catalysts, etc. At this stage, precious metal catalysts used in industrial production and research work […]

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Success Renovation of DCM Filter by Shinkai’s Sintered Metal Filter Cartridges from Ceramic cartridges replacement

In the production of organic silicon monomer raw materials, as the end-product, high-purity dichloromethane/ DCM/ methylene chloride is very important. However, the production of DCM often contains a certain amount of impurity calcium chloride. Shinkai’s metal filter with sintered powder filter elements can perfectly filter and purify the DCM to 2ppm. In October, we just […]

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Revolutionary Updates in Wastewater Treatment of The Modified Starch Industry

Modified starch is made from natural starch by chemical or physical modification. Natural starch is a kind of natural polymer made from glucose condensation. It is a kind of renewable material with the most abundant source in nature. It can be degraded and is environmentally friendly. As a food additive, modified starch has the advantages […]

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