Catalyst Filter


In order to solve the problem of catalyst leakage in chemical industry, the catalyst filtration system designed by Shinkai with using the sinter porous metal filter to handle extreme environment and intermittent production, which has perfectly solved the liquid-solid separation problem and create significant value for customers.

In fine chemical production, hydrogenation reaction definitely requires precious metal catalyst. After the reaction is completed, the catalyst always goes into the reaction solution. Sintered Metal Filter can be used to separate product and catalyst.


– Shape stability, self-supporting as structural elements even at high
– Good mechanical properties
– High temperature resistance, up to 900℃.
– Corrosion resistance
– Good back flushing performance
– Solving environment protection problem, completely customization design,
– Automatically controlling, reducing worker exposure to harsh chemicals
– Eliminate the problem of filter cake accumulation
– Compliance with PED, ASME, IBR, EAC, etc.


Sintered Metal Filter Elements, Filtration System Solutions

Oil refining industry (FCC, CCR)
Polysilicon industry
High temperature Fischer
Tropsch Synthesis
Deacon process
Fluidized bed reactor
Organ silicone

Materials of Construction
Stainless steels (304L, 316L)
Titanium and its alloys
Hastelloy® B, C and X
Iron and aluminum alloy

Catalyst Filter
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