Sinter Metal Fiber Felt Filter Cartridge


Sinter metal fiber felt filter is made of overseas stainless steel fiber as raw material, and it is a high porosity porous deep filtration material with process of non-spinning, folding of the metal fiber.

Sintered metal fiber felt Cartridge (XKF) original uses imported stainless steel fiber as raw material. After non-woven laying and lamination of metal fiber, it is made into porous deep filter material by high-temperature vacuum sintering. Its most prominent feature is high porosity. Since the diameter of the metal fiber is very uniform, the pore size distribution is limited to a very narrow range, and the metal fiber felt provides good gas permeability while ensuring filtration precision. The metal fibers also increase the filtration area by folding, thereby increasing the amount of filter dirt.

– High porosity up to 90% and high permeability
– With stable pore shape due to sinter processing
– Low pressure drop
– High dirt holding capacity
– High temperature and pressure resistance
– Corrosion resistance

– Dimensions: Wrought into tubes, cartridges or disc, plain, pleated or Customized
– Liquid filtration precision: 3 ~ 200μm
– Gas filtration precision: up to 0.1μm

Materials of Construction
Stainless steels (304L, 316L)

Viscose filtration Steam and hot gas filtration
High viscosity chemical filtration Aerosol separation (gas-liquid separation)
Polymer filtration (Nylon, engineering plastics, carbon fiber, PET, PTMEG, etc)
Special oil filtration (aviation kerosene, transformer oil, etc.)

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