Coal Chemical

Coal Chemical

The sintered metal porous material produced by Shinkai has been widely used in the coal chemical industry.

China is a country rich in coal resources. The coal energy and chemical industries will play an important role in the sustainable use of energy. In the continuous exploration and research of new coal chemical industry, technologies such as pressurized powder coal gasification, coal-to-oil, coal-to-olefins, and coal-to-methanol have been widely produced and applied in domestic enterprises, which is of great significance to reduce the environment caused by coal combustion pollution and reduce dependence on imported oil. Shinkai’s sintered metal porous elements have been widely used in coal chemical industry.

There is a pulverized coal conveying system in the pulverized coal gasification unit such as HT-L, SHELL, or GSP. The gas conveying medium is nitrogen or carbon dioxide. An important component of this technology is the pressurized feeding system of pulverized coal. When nitrogen is used for pressurized conveying of pulverized coal, since the particle size of the pulverized coal is very small, the adhesion phenomenon is likely to occur during the flow of the particles, resulting in bridging problems. After the ventilation cone device is added, the nitrogen gas can enter the tank through the ventilation cone at the bottom of the powder coal discharge tank, and the powder in the storage tank is pressurized to homogenize the powder, thereby reducing the force between the powders, making the particles flow smoothly.

Pipeline purging also plays an important role in the pressurized conveying of pulverized coal. When the pulverized coal enters the pipeline, the pulverized coal is easily piled up under the condition of high pressure, the pipeline is clogged, so the coal cannot be smoothly conveyed, and the addition of the pipeline purging device in the conveying pipeline effectively solves this phenomenon. The principle is that the gas passes through the micropores in the pipe purifier, and a uniform thin gas film is formed on the inner wall of the purifier, so that the split body is in a suspended fluidized state and smoothly flows into the lower end conveying pipe, thereby avoiding powder accumulation and making the conveying effect is more efficient.

● Inflatable cone
● inflatable flute
● Pipe sweeper
● Metal membrane filter
● Hot gas filter

Coal Chemical

● Defined permeability and particle retention
● Good welding performance
● Shape stability, components with high strength
● Sufficient thermal strength up to 900℃
● Fatigue resistance and longer service life
● High corrosion resistance
● Good backwash performance

● Coal pneumatic conveying
● Steam filtration
● Diesel fuel filtration
● High pressure nitrogen filtration
● Fly ash filtration
● MTO cooling water filtration

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