Gas-solid Separation

Gas-solid reaction is a common reaction form in the large chemical industry. In order to achieve higher reaction efficiency, the gas-solid reaction is generally carried out in a fluidized bed, moving bed or riser reactor, which causes the problem that the solid phase catalyst or reaction raw materials are entrained from the reactor by the gas phase products(temperature usually up to 900℃. On the one hand, it causes the waste of raw materials or catalysts. On the other hand, the solid particles in the gas phase can cause serious problems such as the wear of the downstream pump, the blockage of the tray, or the substandard exhaust gas emission particle content.

Sintered Metal Filter Elements, Filtration System Solutions

The particle-containing gas from the reactor is usually high temperature and high pressure, what’s more, entrained particles are usually small in size. The traditional solution is to filter the high-temperature gas after cooling or even liquefaction. The disadvantage is that the cooling equipment or liquefaction equipment must be cleaned frequently. Moreover, this treatment method has high energy consumption and complex process. Based on its own design capabilities, project experience, and with the help of CFD simulation and ASPENPLUS process simulation, Shinkai has developed full-process of hot gas filtration solution. Specific functions include particle interception, online venturi blowback, powder unloading and recycling etc. Typical processes include the interception and recovery of fluidized bed tail gas particles, the removal of crushed catalysts, and the removal of high-temperature flue gas dust etc.

Shinkai’s hot gas filtration solution have been applied extensively throughout the large chemical industry for removal and recovery of precious catalysts or unreacted solid phase raw material. Especially in the petrochemical, coal chemical, polysilicon and organic silicon industries, the typical applications are the regenerated flue gas filter of the catalytic cracking unit of petrochemical and the fly ash filter of the pulverized coal gasification unit of coal chemical. There are two advantages of Shinkai products: firstly, as the key equipment, hot gas online pulse blowback filter can realize continuous filtration without switching; secondly, the full process can be fully automated without manual labor. Compared with other particle removal methods, this solution has less safety concerns and less utility consumption.

If you think you might need ways to recover valuable solids from hot gases or to purify hot gases. You can call me to listen to your process or provide filter condition Parameter Form to me. Shinkai will specially customize the full-process system solutions for you, including but not limited to filter design and selection, process design, instrument and valve selection, piping design, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

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