Sintered Metal Sparger for Fermentation Tank Stainless Steel


The particular approach is that gas is directly injected in liquid through a porous Shinkai filter. Using the velocity and turbulence of the flowing liquid, this configuration is the most efficient diffuser systems since it results in fine bubbles, for superior performance.

Spargers are necessary elements of Bioreactors, fermentation tank, carbonated beverages, and cooking oils oxygen stripping, etc. In many applications, we help our customers to maximize process efficiency by recommending and designing the best suitable solution based on a variety of sparger units.

Traditional bio-fermentation technology is ripe for innovation. Our bio-fermentation solutions allow for higher gas absorption than standard and can significantly lower energy costs by decreasing the agitation needed in your bio-ferments. Enabling faster absorption allows for increased cycle times and significant time savings.

Sintered Metal Filter Elements, Filtration System Solutions
Spargers are mainly made of metal membrane materials. Shinkai could design spargers with various materials (304L, 316L and other alloys) based on customers’ handcrafts data sheet. Shinkai’s highly trained engineering team will help customer design the right sparger system for different applications as follows:
Sintered Metal Filter Elements, Filtration System Solutions
Bio-fermentation sparger Static sparger Dynamic pipeline sparger Porous metal micro sparger Feature – Shape stability, self-supporting as structural elements even at high pressure. – Good mechanical properties – High temperature resistance, up to 900℃. – Defined permeability and particle size retention – Corrosion resistance – Support grid in catalyst reaction – Dispersing cooling material in a high temperature environment – Filtration, washing and drying in the pharmaceutical industry Materials of Construction Stainless steels (304L, 316L) Applications
– CO2 sparging for carbonated beverages and beer
– Fine chemical industry
– Oxygen or air sparging to enhance cell growth in fermentation tanks
– Aquaculture industry
– Hydrogen sparging for a broad spectrum of chemical hydrogenation reactions
– Air injection for mixing liquids in a vessel.
– Sparging air, oxygen, or other gases into reactors for improved performance.
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