Liquid-solid Separation

For all practitioners in the hydrogenation industry of fine chemistry, here’s a question for them, which is the largest investment in their unit? There is no doubt about the answer, catalyst! The price of some catalysts used in hydrogenation can reach $200,000 per kilogram. If the catalyst life and recovery rate cannot be guaranteed, the costs can quickly mount. We know it very well, because we receive consultations of catalyst recovery from engineers across a variety of industries.

Sintered Metal Filter Elements, Filtration System Solutions

Since established, Shinkai has always focused on catalyst filtration and recovery. Based on its own design capabilities, project experience, and with the help of CFD simulation and ASPENPLUS process simulation, Shinkai has developed full-process of catalyst filtration and separation solution. Specific functions include catalyst filtration, reuse, retirement, etc. Typical processes include the filtration and recovery of the catalyst in kettle batch hydrogenation, in kettle continuous hydrogenation and in the loop reactor.

Shinkai’s catalyst filtration and separation processes have been applied extensively throughout the hydrocarbon processing industries for removal and recovery of precious metals catalysts. Especially in the industries –from food and beverages, fragrances and essences, pharmaceutical intermediates, API, pesticides, health products, dyes to food additives.

These products not only ensure the separation and recovery of the catalyst, but also improve the purity of the product. The economic benefits produced are far greater than their own costs. Therefore, customers who use Shinkai’s products have recovered their investment in a short period of time, and have gained huge economic benefits in the following years. For example, in the world’s largest TDI production plant, there are dozens of sets of Shinkai filtration products, has significantly reduced investment in catalysts every year, simultaneously it saves a lot of labors because the system developed by Shinkai has a high degree of automation.

If you think you might need ways to maximize the benefits of fine chemical plants from hydrogenation, isomerization, nitration or other reactions that require ultra-fine catalysts or purify the product. You can call me to listen to your process or provide filter condition Parameter Form to us. Shinkai will specially customize the full-process system solutions for you, including but not limited to filter design and selection, process design, instrument and valve selection, piping design, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

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