Cross Flow Filter System


Shinkai supply custom designed high permeability filters for cross flow systems with low throughput to pump power consumption ratios, offering a more space and effective solution to conventional low permeability systems.

Cross Flow Filtration System

Cross-flow filter system successfully addresses challenges for bag filter and other filter is not feasible,which is special is the filtering from the inside to outside. In crossflow filtration, an incoming feed stream passes across the surface of sinter metal filter cartridge, and two exiting streams are generated. As a result, crossflow filter system can increase usage time for delay fouling and maintain stable permeate flux rates. The crossflow filtration is one closed-loop regenerable processes.

Sintered Metal Filter Elements, Filtration System Solutions
Sintered Metal Filter Elements, Filtration System Solutions

– Shape stability and particle size retention, 98% intercept valuable catalyst
– High strength, good mechanical properties, easy installation and maintenance
– High temperature resistance, up to 900℃.
– Corrosion resistance
– Good back flushing performance
– Environment protection, completely customized design, reducing work exposure to
harsh chemicals
– Compliance with PED, ASME, IBR, EAC, etc.

Neopentyl Glycol
Jet hydrogenation reaction
Loop hydrogenation reaction

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