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2 Steps to Increase the Additional Value of Fluid Catalytic Cracking(FCC)Products and Reduce Environmental Pressure by Sinter Metal Filters

Gasoline, Kerosene and diesel are the important fuels, all those are sourcing from Petroleum Refining. Petroleum which named as “Blood of Industry” is hardly used as above fuel directly, it has to been re-processing to gasoline, kerosene or diesel for further using. FCC is the most important convert method for Petroleum to fuel. Almost everyone […]

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Elutriation gas filter: To ensure stable circulation of catalyst in moving bed reactor and regenerator in CCR unit

In our previous article that paid attention to hot gas filtration in refining and chemical plant, we now turn our attention to the Continuous Catalytic Reforming’s (CCR) elutriation gas filter or the so-called dust collector. Due to the special reaction mechanism, carbon will deposit on the catalyst surface and deactivate the catalyst after the catalyst […]

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Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Fine Chemical Hydrogenation Reaction: Saving Catalyst or Extend Catalyst Life by Catalyst Filter

Vitamin E was discovered in 1922, isolated in 1935 and first synthesized in 1938. Alphatocopherol, either naturally extracted from plant oils or, most commonly, as the synthetic tocopheryl acetate, is sold as a popular dietary supplement, either by itself or incorporated into a multivitamin product, and in oils or lotions for use on skin. Vitamin […]

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Hot Gas Filtration in refining and chemical plant

With the continuous development of the society, people in growing number pay more attention to environment and safety in refining and chemical plant. Sinter powder metal filter is frequently used in applications involving high temperatures, pressure chemistry. Systems utilizing Sinter powder metal filter are fully enclosed and automated to minimize operator exposure and filter maintenance. Additionally, […]

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