The Global Gold Standard In Filtration Products

Shinkai keep providing a large range of sinter metal filters, filtration systems, technologies consulting for designing. Mainly including sintered metal filter elements, liquid-solid filtration system, gas-solid filtration system, powder fluidizing and handling, industrial sintered metal sparger and flow restrictors, etc. Those quality products have been used in different industries and exported to more than 20 countries.
Most of Shinkai’s products are with customized design, membranes are used as retrofit in most filter vessel or house. The sintered metal filters are different with polypropylene or fiberglass or ceramic filters, its advantages of durable, self-supporting make more suitable at a high pressure and high differential pressure process.
Many excellent filtration solutions have been specialized solving the problems in petrochemical, chemical engineering, coal chemical industry, silicon, lithium battery, metallurgy, pharmacy, food and nuclear power industry, etc.

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