Powder Fluidization and Processing

H2 is an important chemical raw material, and the largest source is pulverized coal gasification. Pulverized coal gasification uses coal powder between 70-100μm, which is decomposed into H2 and CO under high temperature conditions. The difficulty of this process is how to smoothly transport the micron-sized coal powder to the high-pressure gasifier.

Sintered Metal Filter Elements, Filtration System Solutions

Ultra-fine coal powder is easy to form agglomeration, bridging or channeling in the process of conveying, and it cannot be conveyed smoothly. The solution to this problem is to make it homogeneous fluidized during the transportation of pulverized coal. However, the transportation environment of pulverized coal is very harsh, and it is difficult for ordinary fluidization elements to operate stably for a long period of time. Many pulverized coal gasification plants must be shut down frequently to replace fluidization elements.

In order to realize the long-period and stable transportation of ultra-coal, Shinkai’s engineers have developed a complete set of pulverized coal conveying system after years of research, including inflatable cones, inflatable flutes and pipeline inflators, etc. At present, the pulverized coal conveying system developed by Shinkai has been applied in many coal gasification plants worldwide. In addition to pulverized coal gasification, the silicon industry and catalyst production industries have also begun to use Shinkai’s conveying system to transport ultra-fine powder.

If you think you might need ways to convey ultra-fine powder. You can call me to listen to your process or provide filter condition datasheet to us. Shinkai will specially customize the full-process system solutions for you, including but not limited to fluidization element design and selection, process design, instrument and valve selection, piping design, etc.

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