Revolutionary Updates in Wastewater Treatment of The Modified Starch Industry

Modified starch is made from natural starch by chemical or physical modification. Natural starch is a kind of natural polymer made from glucose condensation. It is a kind of renewable material with the most abundant source in nature. It can be degraded and is environmentally friendly.

As a food additive, modified starch has the advantages of safety and no side effects, so it is widely used in the food industry, as a thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent, binder and so on.

At present, chemical processing is the most widely used method of starch modification, which changes the gelatinization temperature, hydrolysis temperature and other characteristics of starch by introducing new functional groups into starch molecules. Chemical production of modified starch will produce many sewages containing starch fine particles, the traditional process uses Drum filter or Plate filter to deal with these sewages. These methods cannot recover the starch inside, at the same time, there is a problem of high COD after filtration.

By studying the characteristics of modified starch sewage, Shinkai has developed a set of precision filtration system with metal membrane filter element specially used for recovering starch from modified starch sewage. It can not only recover 100% of the modified starch in sewage, but also reduce the COD of sewage to the maximum extent. Above all, it can realize automatic control absolutely. At present, the system has been successfully applied in the world’s top modified starch production enterprises and has produced higher economic and environmental benefits.

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