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Welcome to our booth in ACHEMA

Shinkai will be at ACHEMA on June 10-14 in Frankfurt, Germany. Welcome to our booth and we are excited to share our filtration technology and exchange our ideas with others! ACHEMA is the world’s leading show for all areas of the process industry and provides an impressively varied array of technology and service offerings. Visitors […]

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Medical Potassium Chloride Production Plant Mother Liquor Filtration and Separation Solutions

Medical potassium chloride has the function of maintaining the acid-base balance and electrolyte balance of the human body. It is mainly used clinically for the prevention of hypomagnesaemia, the treatment of digitalis intoxication, the treatment of periodic paralysis, and the prevention and treatment of hypokalaemia. Medical potassium chloride is generally made of fertilize-grade potassium chloride, with traces of barium sulphate and impurities […]

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Shinkai’s Sintered Media Pore Wick Application in Loop Heat Pipe LHP

Shinkai develops metal wicks with sintered media pore structure used in loop heat pipe LHP, the capillary action of metal particle realizes the counter gravity operation. The metal wick is not only with uniform pore size and porosity, but also sintered with solid metal plates without any inside welding. No shape limitation for the wick, […]

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Shinkai 2024 Annual Meeting was successfully held

On the 25th and 26th of January 2024, Shinkai successfully held its annual conference. During the team building activities, employees improved their mutual cooperation and solidarity. Let’s wish Shinkai another great year in 2024!

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