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Shinkai’s Largest Hot Gas Filters in Polysilicon Industry

At the beginning of 2024, the 125,000 tonnes/year polysilicon plant in Ningxia was successfully started up in one run, making it the largest polysilicon production plant in China in terms of single-set capacity. For this plant, SHINKAI supplied 10 sets of reduction tail gas filters with a total filter area of more than 5,000 ㎡ […]

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Why do Chemical Plants prefer costly hot gas filtration rather than wet dust extraction?

With the improvement of economic efficiency requirements and environmental protection requirements, it has become extremely important to remove fine solid particles from the high-temperature reaction gas or tail gas of chemical plants. At present, there are two main methods for high temperature dust removal in chemical plants: wet dust extraction and hot gas filtration. Wet […]

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Installation and Commissioning of the Online Blowback Filter Used in the Polysilicon Exhaust Gas Recovery

Last December, our technical team went to Xinjiang, China to guide the installation and commissioning of the online blowback hot gas filter systems. The plant is with capacity of 120,000-ton polysilicon. Those online hot gas filters are used in processing the polysilicon exhaust gas recovery section,  to filter the amorphous silicon powder in the exhaust […]

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Gas-Solid Filtration System

Are you facing the gas-solid mixture? If you are worrying about refining the gas or recovering the precious solids mixing with the gas, you need a gas-solid filtration system. What is a Gas-Solid Filtration System? In simple words, gas-solid filtration is a process in which poisonous particles are eliminated from the gas or vapor. There […]

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Hot Gas Filtration in refining and chemical plant

With the continuous development of the society, people in growing number pay more attention to environment and safety in refining and chemical plant. Sinter powder metal filter is frequently used in applications involving high temperatures, pressure chemistry. Systems utilizing Sinter powder metal filter are fully enclosed and automated to minimize operator exposure and filter maintenance. Additionally, […]

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