Bioprocess Fermentation: An industry that is Changing Our Lives

Bioprocess fermentation, which seems to be a new word, is being used as a new material in many fields and comes into people’s vision.

Bioprocess fermentation refers to the fermentation of carbohydrates by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) to produce various industrial solvents and chemical raw materials. The main products are ethanol, acetone-butanol, butanol-isopropanol, acetone-ethanol, 2, 3-butanediol and glycerol fermentation.

From meal replacement, new drinks and other functional food, to more flexible living paper, more functional cosmetics, many aspects of our daily life are closely related to bioprocess fermentation.

In the field of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, bioprocess fermentation is also playing an increasingly important role. Refinery sewage is broken down by bacteria, and waste gas from a steel plant is fermented by bacteria and turned into ethanol. These seemingly magical things have become reality. With the continuous development of science and technology, bacteria with different functions are cultivated, constantly changing our life and production.

This kind of bacteria is oxygen-consuming. Under a certain oxygen concentration, its growth rate is proportional to the oxygen supply. The way to achieve the highest conversion rate is to find an optimal gas distribution method.

The most effective way is to use porous sintered metal as a gas sparger. The advantage of this kind of sparger is that it can break the gas into micron-sized bubbles, increase the oxygen concentration in the fermentation broth as much as possible, and ensure a mild environment for the fermentation broth, which is conducive to the work of bacteria. Compared with other gas distribution methods, porous metal can reduce gas consumption without causing severe disturbance of fermentation broth.

The sintered metal sparger produced by Shinkai, with uniform pore size, small resistance and high distribution efficiency, has become the first choice of many biological fermentation manufacturers.

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