The New Electrocatalytic Oxidation Technology Horizons

With the development of the World’s industrial economy and population explosion, human beings are facing more and more serious environmental pollution problems, especially water pollution. In recent years, electrocatalytic oxidation technology has attracted great attention because of its great advantages in removing COD from industrial wastewater.

The key point of electrocatalytic technology is to develop an anode with high efficiency, long life, and high economy. Through independent research and development, Nanjing Shinkai has designed sintered porous titanium element as a carrier for electrocatalytic anode. This porous element does not precipitation metal ions like SS (stainless steel) elements, and has a strong binding force with precious metals, all above advantages greatly increased the service life of the positive electrode. At the same time, due to its special porous structure, the specific surface area of the electrode is much larger, and the catalytic efficiency is higher. In addition, the pore size of porous sintered metal is at the micron level, which can effectively intercept fine particles in water and protect other components in the electrode.

Now the porous titanium elements produced by Shinkai have been successfully applied in many sets of industrial wastewater treatment devices and achieved very good economic and social benefits for industrial wastewater processing plants.

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