Shinkai’s Largest Hot Gas Filters in Polysilicon Industry

At the beginning of 2024, the 125,000 tonnes/year polysilicon plant in Ningxia was successfully started up in one run, making it the largest polysilicon production plant in China in terms of single-set capacity. For this plant, SHINKAI supplied 10 sets of reduction tail gas filters with a total filter area of more than 5,000 ㎡ to intercept the amorphous silicon powder in the reduction tail gas. SHINKAI also provided the whole process technical service for the start-up of the plant.
In recent years, SHINKAI’s Hot Gas filters have been widely used in polysilicon plants, contributing to China’s new energy development. At present, SHINKAI’s gas-solid filter system, with automatic backblowing, automatic unloading, automatic replacement slag discharge and other functions, is stable, safe and environmentally friendly, and has become an indispensable dust removal system for polysilicon plants.

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