Catalytic Hydrogenation Filtration Technology in Fine Chemicals

Catalytic hydrogenation technology is the core technology in medicine, fine chemical industry, and other organic synthesis. In the application of catalytic hydrogenation technology, noble metal catalysts with relatively high catalyst activity are mainly used, such as Palladium-carbon catalysts, Raney nickel catalysts, etc. At this stage, precious metal catalysts used in industrial production and research work are mainly divided into the following categories:

1. Nickel-based catalyst.
2. Palladium-based catalyst.
3. Platinum catalysts.
4. Copper catalysts.
5. Activated carbon/carrier material.

Precious metal catalysts are one of the main cost sources in catalytic hydrogenation, so the separation and recovery of catalysts have become the key to controlling the operating costs of catalyst  hydrogenation. And in the actual production process, there may also be problems such as catalyst leakage, so an efficient catalyst filtration method is required to filter and recover.

Shinkai is committed to the exploration and research in the field of filtration and separation and has independently developed the metal sintered filter membrane, which has impact resistance, high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, good air permeability, good separation effect, and outstanding backwashing effect. Shinkai can design a filtration system that meets the continuous automatic production requirements of product filtration, catalyst application and withdrawal according to the customer’s operating conditions and special requirements.

Shinkai catalyst filtration and separation systems have been used in hundreds of sets of APIs, dye intermediates, chemical intermediates, resin intermediates, pesticides, spices, food additives and other fields in China and abroad. If you have questions about the filtration and separation of fine chemical production catalysts, Shinkai will serve you at any time, welcome to consult!

metsintered filter membrane
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