Another Success of Hot Gas Filter System with Metal Membranes for Industrial Application

July 12, the reporter learns from Nanjing Shinkai Filter Co., Ltd that their hot gas filter system with metal filters has been successfully applied in polysilicon enterprises. That indicates the technology has been successfully applied in the polysilicon industry after its successful application in the lithium battery, graphene and other industries. This is of great significance to promoting the green, safe and environmental production of the polysilicon industry.

In the production of polysilicon, a large amount of silicon powder is produced in the cold hydrogenation and reduction unit. Due to the high hardness, small particle size, and large quantity of silicon powder, once it is entrained into the hot gas raw materials, it will cause blockage and wear or even make shutdown of the entire production device. “The hot gas filter with porous metal filters can intercept the silicon powder at the source of the device and guarantee the stable production of polysilicon. At present, this technology has been used in many polysilicon groups such as Tongwei Group, Daqo New Energy, East Hope, Jiangsu Zhongneng, etc. The successful application of the enterprise has produced excellent benefits.” said Wang Zaixiong, chairman of Nanjing Shinkai Filter Co., Ltd.

The hot gas filter with porous metal elements has been widely used in lithium battery, graphene, PTA, semiconductor, carbon fiber, oil refining, degradable plastics, organic silicon and other industries due to its characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high precision and high degree of automation.

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