Asymmetric Sinter Porous Metal Filter Membrane


Shinkai’s high porous asymmetric metal membrane improves performance of normal metal filter cartridge, especially in filtration precision and permeability. The main handcraft of surface filter characteristic improves the filtration retention in the lower micron range.

The asymmetric sintered metal powder filter (XKP-AS) is a highly porous and asymmetrically designed metal film that attaches a 0.3 mm thick metal film filter medium to the outer surface of a porous metal film. The performance of the sintered metal filter, its surface filtration mechanism has fundamentally improved many properties of the metal film, especially in terms of service life and high permeability, and improved filtration precision.

– Shape stability and High-strength
– High filtration precision (lower to 0.1μm)
– High permeability based on asymmetric design
– Surface filtration
– High temperature resistance, up to 900℃.
– Good back flushing
performance & Longer service in process

Dimensions: Wrought into tubes or Customized
Outside Diameter (OD): 10~400 mm
Lengths: 10 ~ 3000 mm

Liquid and gas filtration in lower micron range
Catalyst filtration
Hot gas filtration
Food & Beverage
Mother liquor recovery in PTA process
Fine particle filtration in New Energy industry

Materials of Construction
– Stainless steels (304L, 316L)
– Nickel
– Titanium
– Monel®
– Inconel®
– Hastelloy® B, C and X
– Special materials – Contact Shinkai

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