Medical Potassium Chloride Production Plant Mother Liquor Filtration and Separation Solutions

Medical potassium chloride has the function of maintaining the acid-base balance and electrolyte balance of the human body. It is mainly used clinically for the prevention of hypomagnesaemia, the treatment of digitalis intoxication, the treatment of periodic paralysis, and the prevention and treatment of hypokalaemia.

Medical potassium chloride is generally made of fertilize-grade potassium chloride, with traces of barium sulphate and impurities such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Firstly, dissolve the potassium chloride in hot water, filter out the insoluble matter, add alkaline substances to precipitate calcium, magnesium and other metal ions, then add acid to modulate the PH to neutral, and finally evaporate and crystallise to get high-purity medical potassium chloride. To ensure the quality of the products, the filters inside each process must meet the production requirements, not only with high precision but also to ensure resistance to the corrosion of highly concentrated brine.

Shinkai Filtration Solution:

After a long period of exploration, according to the process requirements and the actual situation of the site, Shinkai has developed a set of solutions for the whole process and realized fully automatic operation. The filtration system of Shinkai adopts the mode of main filter + precision filter in series, the main filter is designed with an automatic blow-back function, which can filter blow-back and dregs automatically; the precision filter is responsible for intercepting the tiny particles filtered from the main filter to ensure the purity of the product. The system operates with high efficiency, and it takes only 10 minutes to process a batch of material liquid, which is more than two times shorter than the traditional filtration method. It greatly improves production efficiency and is recognized by customers.

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