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Porous Metal Fluidizers with Stainless Steel for Handling and Processing

Porous Metal Fluidizers with Stainless Steel for Handling and Processing

Shinkai has system for flow characteristics in bulk powders, thus preventing bridging, rat holing and sagging, as well as the formation of 'dead- spaces' which can lead to product aging. The systems gently agitate powders, dramatically reducing particle friction, which in turn results in an even discharge from vessels and thus improvement of the product.

Shinkai Systems can be deployed to solve local caking or discharge problem, or for large surface area fluidization applications. The Systems can additionally function as mixing or homogenization beds, thereby avoiding the need of an additional discharge element.

The pore size of individual system (0.5~200μm) can be adapted to powder particle size.



- Shape stability and can borne high pressure drop

- Good mechanical properties

- Sufficient thermal strength up to 900℃

- Particle size retention

- Good corrosion resistance

- Defined permeability



Aluminum Powder industry
Copper Powder industry
Coal Gasfication
Food & Pharmacy industry
Chemical powder industry
Cement industry


Materials of Construction

Stainless steels (304L, 316L)





Hastelloy® B, C and X

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