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Product filter system

Product filter system

The product filter system can be used in the form of single, two or more sintered metal filters, which can be used in any intermittent production or continuous production process.



    Product filters can be used in the form of single, two or more filters and can then be used in any batch or continuous production process. It uses a sintered metal filter cartridge as a filter element and can be controlled by DCS. If continuous filtration is required, two or more filters consist of a parallel connection through the conduit, and when a set time or pressure differential is reached, switching to another filter, the original filter begins to backflush for regeneration. The filter cycle operation ensures that the system does not have to be stopped to increase production capacity



● Continuous work.

● Shape stability, components with high strength (sufficient pressure strength up to 50bar)

● Absolute filteration precision (0.5μm)

● Sufficient thermal stability up to 900

● High permeability and low Dp

● High corrosion resistance

● High mechanical strength

● Defined permeability and particle retention

● Excellent back flushing performance and cleaned easily

● ISO 9001 Certified Quality System


Markets Served

● Catalyst filtration in fine chemical industry

● Silicon tetrachloride filtration in polysilicon production

● Drink and beer filtration

● Sewage filtration

● Hot gas filtration

● Mother liquor recovery filtration

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