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Porous Sinter Metal Element (XKP-AX)-Disc, Sheet, Plate, Cone

Porous Sinter Metal Element (XKP-AX)-Disc, Sheet, Plate, Cone

Sinter metal powder filters (XKP-AX) are made from metal powder sintered to form rugged high voids and uniform pore distribution filters under co-axial pressing and sintering with high temperature vacuum.

    The sintered metal powder filter (XKP-AX) is sintered with metal powder as raw materials without adding adhesive. After axial compression molding, then formed by high temperature vacuum sintering, so the sintered metal filter having a high void ratio and uniform pore distribution. The size and distribution of the pores are adjusted by selecting process parameters and the size of the metal powder particles.




● Shape stability, components with high strength

● Sufficient thermal strength up to 900℃

● Corrosion resistance

● Low pressure drop

● Good mechanical properties

● Defined permeability and particle retention

● Good back flushing performance

● ISO 9001 Certified Quality System


Forms of delivery

XKP-AX can be produced as disks tabular, disks and tube shape. Fittings can be bonded to the porous parts by welding or directly during sintering process.


Markets Served

● Explosion protection and silencing

● Fluidizing

● Flash back arrestors

● Cems smoke detection

● Filter and soundproof on the pneumatic equipment

● Uniform dispersion of powder

● Coal powder fly ash disposal


Alloy material

● Stainless steels (304L, 316L)

● Titanium and its alloys

● Nickel metal

● Monel® (Ni-Cu alloy)

● Inconel® (Ni-Cr-Fe alloy)

● Iron and aluminum alloy

● Hastelloy® B, C and X

● Special materials


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