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Asymmetric sinter metal powder filter (XKP-AS)

Asymmetric sinter metal powder filter (XKP-AS)

Asymmetric sinter metal powder filters (XKP-AS) describe a high porous asymmetric designed metallic membrane which improves the performance of sinter metal filters.

   The asymmetric sintered metal powder filter (XKP-AS) is a highly porous and asymmetrically designed metal film that attaches a 0.3 mm thick metal film filter medium to the outer surface of a porous metal film. The performance of the sintered metal filter, its surface filtration mechanism has fundamentally improved many properties of the metal film, especially in terms of service life and high permeability, and improved filtration precision.





● Shape stability, components with high strength (sufficient pressure strength up to 50bar)

● Absolute filtration precision (0.5μm)

● High permeability because of asymmetric design

● Surface filter

● Low pressure drop

● Withstands high reverse-flows

● Longer service life in process

● Good mechanical properties

● Sufficient thermal stability up to 900℃

● High corrosion resistance

● Good back flushing performance and cleaned easily

● ISO 9001 Certified Quality System


Forms of delivery

XKP-AS can be produced as tube shape. Fittings can be bonded to the porous parts by welding or directly during sintering process. Common specifications of outer diameter have φ20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 140mm, length from 100 mm to1500mm, more than 1500mm can be welded, special specifications can be customized.


Markets Served

● Catalyst Filtration

● Hot gas filtration

● Mother liquor recovery in PTA process

● Food and beverage industry

● Fluidizing

● Sparging


Alloy material

● Stainless steels (304L, 316L)

● Titanium and its alloys

● Nickel metal

● Monel® (Ni-Cu alloy)

● Inconel® (Ni-Cr-Fe alloy)

● Iron and aluminum alloy

● Hastelloy®  B, C and X

● Special materials

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