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Shinkai has developmented of polysilicon full-process filtration technology

Shinkai has developmented of polysilicon full-process filtration technology

Based on the original filtration technology, Nanjing Shinkai Filter Co., Ltd. has developed a full-process filtration technology suitable for polysilicon production, aiming at environmental protection and resource waste caused by silicon powder leakage in polysilicon production. This filtration technology has been successfully applied in many large polysilicon enterprises at home and abroad, and has achieved good application results.
In the improved Siemens and silane methods for polysilicon production, the leakage of silicon powder caused pipes and heat exchangers in the production device to be easily blocked, damaging a large number of pumps, meters, valves, and other equipment while also affecting the quality of the product. In addition, polycrystalline silicon companies face huge environmental protection pressure.
Shinkai has its own patented product, the metal film filtration system, which has been put into use in a number of large polysilicon companies. Compared with backward filtration technologies such as bag filters, ceramic filters, and candle filters, Metal membrane filter has the characteristics of long service life, good regenerative performance of components, good temperature resistance and mechanical properties. They have solved many filtration and separation problems for customers, created economic value, and received wide acclaim from users.