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PTA mother liquid filter has been successful application

PTA mother liquid filter has been successful application

PTA mother liquid filter is used in modern chemical production equipment, which can be automatically operated with electrical, instrument and valve. The system is controlled by DCS. Shinkai designed a new PTA mother liquid filter by using the independent sinter metal porous material as filter elements, which can be regenerated in real time by means of liquid backwash or gas backflow. And the filter has been successful application in a well-known company. 
● Stable pore shape due to sinter processing, filter media pore size and distribution is strictly controlled, expensive catalyst can be 100% intercepted.
● High-strength media, longer service in process.
● Sufficient thermal strength up to 900℃.
● Corrosion resistance.
●Various filter material, Shinkai provided various filter material from standard 304L, 316L to Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy alloy as well as Ni and Ti metal so as to satisfy all kinds of acid, alkali, high temperature and high pressure occasion.
● Good back flushing performance.
●Solve environment protection problem, complete confined space design, automatically controlling, lower operation risk and reduce environment pressure.
● Automatic opration and control.