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Cross Flow Filtration System

Liquid-solid separation is very common in unit operations of chemical engineering, and we will choose different filtration system to solve the problem based on material’s temperature, flow, solid content, PH value, viscosity and related parameter.

Cross Flow filters provide uninterrupted filter cycle performance through cross flow filtration. Concentrated solution flow through the open ended filter elements, allowing filtrate to exit the system on a continuous basis while particulate remains in the circulating system. This is the ideal filtration method for slurries with unique particulate characteristics, or for achieving maximum retention of valuable particulate such as expensive catalysts.


● Precious metal catalyst filtration in continuous hydrogenation reaction

● Product filtration in continuous production equipment

● Catalyst filtration in buss loop hydrogenation reaction


Cross Flow Filtration System



Cross flow filter offers inside-out filtration and has the characteristic of continuous filtration cycle through cross flow. Material traverse both end opened filter cartridge, clear liquid outflow filter system through porous cartridge, and solid particle retain in recycle flow. This method is suitable for filtration with special feature material or continuous reaction occasion, which can retain valuable solid particle at the greatest extent, such as precious metal catalyst.

Main advantages as below:

● Suitable for high solid content filtration

● No more tiny solid particle

● Physical separation and not change product property anymore

● Increase filtration efficiency and quality

● Suitable for technological operation of continuous recycle reaction