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Backflow filtration system


Tail gas shall be disposed before discharge into atmosphere along with people more and more request for environment, in order to separate solid particle from gas, Shinkai developed backflow filtration system for high corrosion, high temperature and high contaminant concentration situation.


● Hot gas filtration in ethylene project

● Gas filtration in polysilicon production

● Gas filtration in coal chemical industry

● Palladium catalyst in nitric acid production

● Catalyst recovery filtration in FCC

● Hot gas filtration in metallurgical industry

● Hot exhaust gas filtration in glass production

● Hot gas filtration in boilers or incinerators


Backflow filtration system



This filter provides outside-in filtration mode, and mainly for industry flue gas and steam filtration as well as some occasion of common particle control method forbidden using, such as bag filter system, the advantages as below:

● Simple design and convenient operation

● Filter surface can reach 100m2

● Operation pressure can reach 0.8MPa

● Sufficient thermal strength up to 900℃

● Good back flushing performance

● Suitable for dirt in hot gas and rust, pipe scale in steam filtration